For those of you who needed more confirmation that Chris Brown and Rihanna -- 'Chrianna' -- were back together, look no fruther than Rihanna's own Instagram. Following months of rumors, hints and teases, the 'Diamonds' singer posted a photo smooching Brown in a much more-than-friendly way.

Back in Germany with Breezy for his Carpe Diem tour stop in Frankfurt, Rihanna caresses the 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer. Neither of their faces are visible, but their distinct hair and features are still visible. Rihanna wears all white and holds Brown affectionately, captioning the photo, "i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

The pair recently exchanged Rolex watches, and Rihanna spent Thanksgiving in Berlin with Brown. They've been increasingly public with their romantic reunion, with RiRi posting a photo of Breezy in bed. What was a really loud whisper has upgraded to a ferocious roar.

Considering the pair make a big deal of their love being 'Nobody's Business,' they sure like to make their business public.

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