Chris Brown is not afraid to take a stand against L.A. law officials to protect his graffiti-covered home.

Breezy just appealed the city's attempt to bill him for having an "unpermitted" mural on the front of his Hollywood mansion, TMZ reports. He claims that the artwork is protected by his first amendment rights.

"The murals are a reflection of [my] aesthetic taste and a reflection of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution," he said about the city's attempt to infringe on his rights.

This fight could land Brown in court once again. The 'Fine China' singer's case is now being handled by the Dept. of Building and Safety's board of appeals. If his case is shut down there, he can bring the fight to L.A. County Superior Court. And, if his appeal is dismissed by local courts, he can take his case all the way to the Supreme Court -- even though that's highly unlikely.