Two of Childish Gambino hallmarks are the emotional vulnerability of his music and the lightly layered outfits he prefers during his television appearances. He brought both with him to his performance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where he performed '3005' and 'Crawl.'

"Hi Jhene,"Gambino quickly says in a shout-out to close friend Jhene Aiko before he begins his live band-backed performance of the romantic '3005.' The rapper genuinely looks like he's enjoying himself onstage as he eventually sheds his jacket before fluidly dancing and singing along to the chorus.

The live band seemed even more energized when they moved into the more experimental 'Crawl.' Gambino looked just as enthused in this song. As good as the performance was, a particularly odd element is the group of men dressed in streetwear sitting on the couch behind him, appearing to serve no purpose other than showing they had the best seats in the house.

Gambino's 'Because the Internet' is currently in stores.

Watch Childish Gambino Perform 'Crawl'