Everyone's been talking about Chance The Rapper's breathtaking verse on "Ultralight Beam," the opening track from Kanye's The Life of Pablo, but after hearing Macklemore's new album, it's the song above that should really be the talk of the town.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just dropped their new album This Unruly Mess I've Made, and track eight is called "Need To Know" featuring Lil' Chano from 79. And won't you fuckin' believe it, but his verse is even better than the one he spit on Yeezy's new LP.

"I cry when she smile with her eyes closed," raps Chance, presumably about his baby daughter. "I'm already afraid of tight clothes, I want all her best friends to be white folks." Yeah, that Kanye influence grows bigger by the day.

But the more Chance raps, the harder the bars hit: "I scratched out this line so many times, I can't forget it, It's fucked up, I almost say it every time that I edit / I swear rapping make it easy to lie, but secrets don't make it easy to write."

What makes this verse especially different for Chance is that he doesn't use any of the usual voice inflection that he often colors his delivery with. Instead his verse is somewhat deadpan, and it makes what he's saying all that more powerful. Listen to the song above and hear for yourself.

"Indian giver, Black father, White liar / Right next to Yeezy like Mike Myers / Stare at the cue cards, take out the juke parts / Take out the God references, just leave the cool parts / I remember opening for Ben, wasn't no liquor at the show / And now the white girls call me nigga at my show / I wish that I could open twice, sit down at the open mic / Go back to the day before I became famous over night."

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