CDTA will be relocating one of the busiest bus stops in the Cap city. The bus stop at Crossgates Mall will soon be moved to the front of Burlington Coat factory, not far from its current location near 110 Grill.

If you've been to Crossgates Mall within the past few weeks, you may have noticed some minor construction in the parking lot near the front entrance of Burlington Coat factory. And if you have taken the bus, you most certainly noticed that the entire bus shelter has been moved across the parking lot to the future location. Moving the bus shelter out of the way of the major mall entrance is meant to ease congestion and hopefully speed up the bus route. As a driver for CDTA, I can attest that at certain times of the day, the traffic can be congested making it difficult for buses to service and exit the bus stop. So I'm hoping the new stop will make it easier to enter and exit the mall as well as making it safer for cars, buses and pedestrians. Eventually this stop will also accommodate a new rapid transit line. The new bus stop is estimated to be open October 4, 2019.

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