As of Monday March 23, 2020 CDTA will operate on a modified weekday schedule in an effort to help lessen the spread of the Coronavirus.

The modified schedule will resemble CDTA's Saturday Service. CEO Carm Basile said " CDTA is an essential public service and we know that people are counting on us to be there for them during this unprecedented time" He further explained that CDTA is taking their responsibility very seriously and are making determinations about service based on fact and guidance from New York State.

STAR buses, which are an option for people getting to medical and other urgent appointments, will continue to operate on a full weekday schedule.

For more details and info visit CDTA

For those who don't know, I am a CDTA driver as well. We are essential employees out here on the front lines doing our best to help the community and other essential workers get to work such as nurses and healthcare workers, grocers, sanitation workers, 1st responders, etc. Not to mention people who need to travel to get food. So when you come across me or one of my fellow drivers understand we are putting ourselves at risk so salute and thank your driver for their service.

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