I don't know how I'd feel about living practically in the mall but if you are into it you may be able to do so in the near future.

New housing seems to be popping up in the most interesting spaces all across the Capital Region from old warehouses and former bowling alleys to shopping and entertainment communities. From the looks of things it seems that Crossgates Mall may be next to jump on the modern living spaces bandwagon.

According to the Daily Gazette Crossgates is looking into building a 222-unit residential apartment/townhouse complex on a 20-acre site is southwest of Rapp and Gipp roads. While the site isn't technically in the mall it's pretty dang close.

Listen I'm all in for more housing options in Albany. Mostly because I'm hoping there will soon be plenty of places for people to rent and they can stop gouging people that need a roof over their head (ha! Fat chance I know, but one can hope). I mean lets be honest how many people want or can afford to pay $2,000+ for a loft in a repurposed space? There are only so many doctors and state workers right?

What's interesting about Crossgates new housing is that it is designed so that residents of the rental complex would more easily be able to use public transportation. With the a proposed new transit center in the works to replace the bus stop at Crossgates Mall which is the busiest in the CDTA network  and just a few steps away from the new housing lot. Plus, they are working on constructing walking and biking paths to Western Avenue and the Crossgates Mall Ring Road. However, if you are one that prefers to have you own car don't worry the complex will have plenty of parking available. In fact there would be 22 percent more parking spots than town regulations require so guests can stop by too!

What do you think, could you live in close proximity to the mall?

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