People are mad at Cardi for having ghostwriters on her new song called Be Careful. I thought it was obvious someone else was helping Cardi B with her lyrica, maybe I'm the only one who realizes this has been going on for years. This appears to be a major hip-hop sin, how ridiculous. Here is my take :

FIRST OF ALL Be Careful has 17 writers cause it samples a song which samples a song which samples a song which samples another one. It’s a mess!

SECOND OF ALL that video is because the producer already wrote the chorus past for someone else. Then he shopped it around and Cardi got it and added her verses. It’s the same how Beyoncé and Rihanna both recorded Love On Top but slightly different versions. If Rih were to post her version that doesn’t mean Bey stole it. This happens all the time let Bardi live.

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