Every 10 years the U.S. Government conducts a national census and the most recent survey was taken in 2020 with some concerning results.

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We all know that surviving 2020 was challenging in so many ways, and the US census was no exception.  Even though most citizens in the country had the opportunity to be counted online, census workers still had to go door to door to try to make sure that every US citizen was counted; and the success of the census is still up for debate.

There were so many hot issues in 2020 that many people believe that the census count was way off.  We were in the middle of a national economic crisis, a global pandemic, a hot political environment, and racial protests were in every state in the country.  With so many people struggling to survive, it’s not hard to imagine that completing census forms would be the last thing on the agenda for a lot of people.

The numbers were released yesterday and New York did not fare well.  According to the census New York’s population only grew by 4 percent, and that means that New York lost one United States congressional seat for 2022.  That’s very bad news if we are in a tight race like we saw during the 2020 presidential race.

The data shows that metropolitan areas saw the largest increase in New York.  The new numbers will be used by the state to start distributing the $1 trillion in federal funding for state and local governments.   Hopefully, people in the neighborhoods where the funding is needed the most will not be hurt by not participating in the census count.

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