Being in radio, I am very lucky to have met a lot of celebrities. Friends always ask me two questions – "who is the coolest person you’ve met, and who was the worst?" The first question is a tough one. I’ve met a ton of down-to-earth, incredibly talented and polite musicians and celebrities. Usher and Snoop Dogg are two of the coolest (in case you were wondering). The second question is easy to answer. Without hesitation, my answer is consistent every time – the meanest, nastiest, worst celebrity encounter I’ve ever had (one three separate occasions, I might add) was with Busta Rhymes.

I’m sure he’s a great guy to be around if you’re a personal friend or family member, but this dude was a nightmare to work with every time I had to be around him. The first situation was in 2006. I helped promote a concert with Bus and ran a meet and greet with fans after the show. Celebrities are notoriously tardy, so it’s something we come to expect as radio staff. But this guy took “tardy” to the extreme.

Busta’s road manager let me know that he wanted to take a shower before greeting fans. No problem - that seems reasonable. But 20 minutes turned into 45. 45 minutes turned into an hour. An hour turned in to 2. 2 turned into 3 hours. Busta had fans waiting for THREE HOURS after a show that ended around 9:30pm. The venue would’ve kicked us out if he waited any longer.

About 20 minutes before Busta came out to greet fans. One of his roadies handed out 8x10 glossy photos and sharpie markers to fans lined up. They told us ahead of time that Busta wouldn’t be taking photos that day. Not a big deal, it’s fairly common for big names to refuse photo ops. However, when Busta came out, he walked down the line, shaked hands, refused to sign anything and kept walking. Basically, he had fans waiting for 3 hours for nothing more than the opportunity to look at him.

That was the first time I met him. The other two situations were completely different circumstances but I still found him to be as cold and un-interested as the first time. With all that being said, this story doesn’t shock me at all.

Rhymes visited a Miami burger joint on April 3rd. Busta assumed he would be able to place his order as soon as he walked in the door. That wasn’t the case – there was already a line of customers waiting to be served.

Once he was denied the opportunity to skip the line, he became irate and called one employee a b---- and another employee a f--. The restaurant called the cops after Busta refused to calm down.

That wasn’t the end of the story. Apparently Busta called the restaurant later to inform them that his order was wrong. He threatened to “come get them.”

I’ll always be a HUGE fan of Busta’s music. He’s one of the most talented, original and legendary artists in the genre of music that I love. But in my eyes, Busta “the person” will always be a huge d---.