You might not have pegged him as a rap kinda guy, but apparently Bob Costas knows his hip-hop and has a soft spot for Ludacris, which he proudly -- if not ably -- demonstrated by rocking some rhymes during a recent MLB Network appearance.

After a discussion about Jay-Z's new sports agency, Bob was asked who his favorite rapper is. And while you'd think that would leave him stammering uncomfortably, you'd be wrong.

"Well, you know, I have to give props to Ludacris ... he was the first one to name-check me in a song," Costas said. And then, he made our as-of-yet unmade day by going right into the lyrics of 'Hip Hop Quotables,' the song that mentions him.

Without hesitation. As though he's done this before. In front of the mirror wearing a ball cap slightly askew, maybe. (Hopefully.)

Ludacris doesn’t have to worry, though. Costas will have to stick with sports announcing, because while he brings a certain charming cuteness to the table, he is utterly lacking in rhythm. And he doesn’t quite have the swagger to get away with lines like “I be rollin’ torpedoes, gettin’ blunted with rastas …”

Especially when he’s adding disclaimers telling the kids at home that he’s not encouraging the behavior. Dude! You'll never be a rap star that way.

But still, Bob Costas is in a league of his own. We're down.