Even with drive-by issues, women’s rights activitsts and legal drama in his life, Rick Ross has been eating good (obviously). He might wanna start penny-pinching, though. After news broke that Reebok dropped their endorsement deal with the rapper, the only thing shrinking in Rozay’s life is his bank account.

Women’s Rights activists were protesting outside Reebok retail stores because of Rozay’s suggestive rape lyrics on a song by Rocko – U.O.E.N.O.

The company justified cutting ties on the basis of values and lack of remorse. Ross formally apologized but it wasn’t enough to save the relationship.

The terms of the deal haven’t been formally released – but insiders allege that Rozay was getting $$$$ every time he wore a pair of Reebok sneaks. TMZ is now reporting that Ross is set to lose somewhere between $3-$5 million because of the fallout.

We know Rozay loves his chicken wings so let’s break it down in terms that he might understand… At wholesale, wings are selling around $2.11 per pound (as of January 2013). Essentially, the Dade County native is losing out on 2,369,668 pounds of free chicken wings. #sadface