This sounds like the Oceans 11 of mall boosting and shoplifting. This woman Eniyah T. Simmons is wanted for allegedly stealing over 4,000 worth of underwear from Victoria Secrets. Of course, she didn't pull off the heist by her self she had 4 other people helping. I'm still confused on how you walk out of the store with over 2000 dollars worth of underwear with only 3 people helping out? These women really finessed Victoria Secrets out of their underwear. Check out the details of the heist below :

According to Times Union

Eniyah T. Simmons, 23, is wanted by State Police in Wilton on a charge of grand larceny for stealing $2,000 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret. State troopers said she and four other women distracted a salesperson while others placed items in shopping bags and left without buying them. Troopers say she is also wanted by the Menands Police Department for an alleged robbery and has additional warrants with the East Greenbush and Colonie police departments.

I think Vicky Secrets may have put a little extra dollar value on the merchandise for insurance claims purchases. It's so confusing to me on how an employee was so distracted to miss out on someone walking away with half of the store? The other 2000 dollars in theft come from other stores the Ocean 11 crew boosted from in Menands and E. Greenbush.

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