You would think in this day and age people would be more discrete about their unflattering actions, but you know some people are just…stupid.

A woman charged $400+ to a credit card at a local Beauty Supply store, according to The store clerk asked for a state ID to verify the names but the customer didn’t have any government issued IDs. The customer agreed to take a picture with the card and coincidentally the card is in fact stolen, however, the customer has not been brought up on any charges yet. The wallet also taken in the picture is apparently stolen as well…the card actually belongs to an elderly woman who says she lost her card in Wal-Mart.

So let me get this right…you steal a credit card and charge an obscene amount of money on it and then voluntarily take a picture with the card? What happened to being low-key? I didn’t know people were that thirsty to get locked up.