So most couples try to keep their personal life new and exciting, however, this is a bit too far.

A couple in West Virginia decided to take their desired fantasies to the public streets. Neighbors and bystanders were disgusted to see a woman in a nightgown walking her boyfriend on a leash while he’s on all fours…yes doggie style. Oh did I mention he is completely naked! Police were called and they said it was weirdest thing they have ever seen.

Look, what you do behind closed doors is your business and I’m not here to judge, however, the key word is CLOSED DOORS! Why would you ever think walking your naked boyfriend as if he is a dog around your neighborhood is okay? How does that cross your mind?

“Hey want to make this even more exciting…let’s take a walk with you on the leash on all fours” HUH? Where they do that at? Apparently West Virginia.