There are so many people with mental health issues that go untreated and mis diagnosed. This issue affects people of all skin colors, but mental health is largely disregarded in the black community and people are often mislabeled as crazy. A lot of these issues can be treated and maintained through the correct diagnoses.

518blk is proud to announce that we will be offering a discussion panel on Black Mental Health on Monday, December 18th.

This has been on our hearts for a very long time.

Everyday life has taken a toll on so many of our people mentally and emotionally. Factors such as our personal and professional relationships, finances, racism, and our current political climate have been overwhelming for many of our people to balance and cope with.

The holiday season also brings with it increased concerns for our mental health. It is often an extremely difficult time for many of our people who have experienced trauma and loss, leaving many feeling depressed, anxious, and isolated.

For this event, we are fortunate to have gathered a group of licensed and experienced psychologists, counselors, and social workers of color who practice within the Capital Region.

Allowing our people an opportunity to listen, learn, and ask questions on a variety of topics will be a step in the right direction for many seeking knowledge and understanding.

Bring a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor.

You can make the difference.

This event is totally free and donations are appreciated and accepted. For more information on the event email and for more information on mental health visit here.

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