Employees and shoppers witnessed a frightening incident at the Walmart on Loudon Road on Wednesday afternoon.

A Utica man was shopping with his family at the Walmart on Loudon Road on March 31 when he seemed to snap. Apparently, 25-year old Daquan D. Forehand had been incarcerated in the Oneida County Jail for his involvement in a domestic violence charge on March 7. He had been released on bail earlier in the day yesterday.

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Officers with the Colonie Police Department advised that they received a 911 call for a man carrying a rifle near the Walmart.

Officers investigated the incident and discovered that Daquan Forehand was shopping with his family when he allegedly snatched a pellet gun from a store clerk’s hand and ran out of the store with it.

Officers report that Mr. Forehand allegedly pointed the gun at several people as he exited the store. Both officers and shoppers thought that the gun was real.

After Mr. Forehand fled the scene, he allegedly unsuccessfully attempted to steal at least two vehicles.

According to Spotlight News, Officers with the Colony Police Department were able to capture Mr. Forehand on Route 9 under the Latham Traffic Circle Overpass.

Officers advised that Mr. Forehand was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Several officers sustained minor injuries during the struggle.

Mr. Forehand was taken to the Albany Medical Center Hospital for evaluation for both mental and physical issues. He did not appear to be seriously injured.

After a brief lockdown, Walmart was able to reopen shortly after Mr. Forehand was taken into custody.

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