Beyonce needs to tell everyone to get the heck out of her Kool-Aid! The nosy bees are buzzin with Beyonce rumors this week, let's find out which are TRUE & which are FALSE!

Beyonce is so rich that she could afford to drop $312,000 on shoes. these are not just ANY shoes, they are diamond encrusted House of Borgezie stiletto sandles. She is supposed to wear them, along with a $85,000 diamond belt in her new music video.

Apparently B's reps are now saying these rumors are NOT true. Actually, now that I have seen the shoes they look more to Mariah Carey's taste with the butterflies. Beyonce would have bees, naturally!

In other Beyonce related news, pregnancy rumors have begun to circulate, AGAIN! Beyonce's recent photographs have all been seen with her carrying a large item over her belly region these days. Everything from expensive purses to cell phones to laptops. I am not sure about this one, from the looks of these pics, Beyonce could very well be with child! We will have to see how this one plays out!