Whose the next hip hop couple pregnant? 22 year old rapper Tyga and his ex-stripper/model girlfriend Blac Chyna! Yup thats right, Tyga's got a cub on the way, and when I say on the way I mean well on it's way. After pictures surfaced of a very pregnant Chyna, Tyga's twitter groupies were going crazy (most mad because they now can't be his first baby mama, classy).


Chyna and Tyga were spotted at Six Flags in San Antonio Texas this past weekend with Chyna looking at least 6 months pregnant. The two looked very happy together as they held hands while she flaunted her big belly. Many people have doubted their relationship, calling it fake or a publicity stunt but hopefully this puts some of the haters to rest. If they're happy im happy for them.

Its going to be interesting to see them raise the little one, maybe there's a proposal coming soon as well (hmmm...). I wouldn't be suprised if BET or VH1 made a reality show around them.

Check out the pictures on GlobalGrind.Com

Do you think Tyga and Blac Chyna will make good parents? Leave a comment and let us know!

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