Move over Beyonce! Looks like Kelly Rowland is having a Destiny's Child of her own!


According to, Kelly is preggers with her first child to her husband Tim Witherspoon! The two wed in a secret quickie ceremony a few months ago.

Looks like they have been enjoyin the honeymoon phase & she let the cat out of the bag on her Instagram! She captioned a men's pair of sneakers alongside a baby pair with the phrase "I'll be stuntin like my daddy..."!! Looks like she's dropping hints. So does this mean it's a boy!?? Maybe that's why they tied the knot so quick, perhaps she had a bun in the oven??

Now if the Beyonce pregnancy rumors were also true the two BFF's could share ther pregnancy together & have a double baby shower like BFF's Snookie & JWow!

Congrats Kelly on the big news!!