In Living Color, one of the funniest TV shows OF ALL TIME (Kanye West voice), turned 23 years old today, debuting on this day in 1990. In honor of the show that featured eventual greats such as the Jamie Foxx, the Wayans Brothers, Jim Carrey, here is our list of the five best skits in the history of the show.

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    Homey D. Clown

    Homey D. Clown was probably the least appropriate clown of all time, and we are not complaining. In this clip, he goes to a school to visit a group of school children (who look a little old if you ask me), and hilarity ensues.

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    Jim Carrey As Vanilla Ice

    Is it bad that after watching this clip, I think that Jim Carrey may have had a better career in the rap game than Vanilla Ice? Vanilla Ice was so wack.

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    The Wrath Of Farrakhan

    Well, Star Trek nerds, things just got pretty awkward now that Louis Farrakhan showed you that Captain Kirk has been oppressing everyone on the Starship Enterprise, haven't they?

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    Men On Film

    A hilarious spin on those horrible movie review shows on TV (pours one out for Roger Ebert), Men On Film is what those shows should have been: over the top and self aware. If you don't love Men On Film, I have two words for your assessment of television: "HATED IT!"

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    Love Connection - Mike Tyson & Robin Givens

    Does there exist a more '90s thing? I submit that there does not.

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