Donkey Of The Day For 10/12/17 is Ben Affleck, for his comments on the Harvey Weinstein sexual scandal. Harvey Weinstein was using his position in Hollywood to solicit sex from women. The allegations are coming from multiple men and women, and

Ben Affleck, an actor who has worked with Harvey Weinstein on several occasions. Felt the need to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in defense of the women who were accusing him.

As soon as Ben Affleck spoke out about the misconduct. Allegations about the actor started flying about him doing the exact same thing when he was engaged to J. Lo. A video even surfaced from the early 2000's while he was engaged groping a women on TRL. Ben Affleck found out the hard way how the old saying "Don't throw stones when you live in a glass". Take a listen to Charlamagne’s break down of Batman’s Donkey Of The Day activity.

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