Beyonce's Superbowl Halftime Show got alot of criticism to say the least.  Was Beyonce simply just using her 5th Amendment right of freedom of speech against civilian brutality at the hands police officers who are suppose to serve & protect?

Not all police officers are criminals.  But there has been a surge of police brutality against innocent Black civilians which has caused racial tension in this country to soar. Beyonce performance was a statement against violence.  Saying the African American community will not tolerate further injustices & deaths of innocent people at the hands of police brutality. The country as a whole doesn't seem to understand the message behind her performance & there has been alot of ignorance about the history of The Black Panthers.

The country has been referring the the Black Panthers as "a hate group" & saying Beyonce's performance was "a slap in the face to law enforcement".  Her back up dancers rocked black berets & had Afro & black outfits on as a salute to The Black Panthers who were a revolutionary group who took a stand against racial inequality in the 1960's. Beyonce comparison to then & now demonstrated a further need for change & showed there is still an enormous amount of racism in this country so how far have we really gotten since then??

I don't think Beyonce was trying to attack all police officers. But she is an artist who used her platform of freedom of expression to initiate discussion & change in this country.  Her critics have taken that to the next level.

Protestors will rally if front of the NFL Headquarters Tuesday February 16th in an anti-Beyonce rally.  The same day her tickets go on sale for her Formation World Tour.

Beyonce definitely accomplished more Bey-hive buzz then probably even she asked for.