Amara Enyia sat with The Breakfast Club to break down her plan for unifying Chicago when she is elected Mayor, her plan to crack down on crime in the city and much more.

Chicago needs drastic change to override bad reputation - division and inequity in the city

Lifespan of people on the west side of Chicago is 16 years shorter than those living downtown

Where does she start to make this change?

Why did she pull out of her election run in 2015?

What was her conversation like with Kanye West?

How do we reduce the crime in Chicago?

Need fundamental change - root causes of violence

How does she have such a deep relationship with chance the rapper?

When she becomes mayor will she pardon Jussie Smollett?

Speaks on R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett cases affecting Chicago

What is her opinion of Jussie’s case?

How hard is it for people of color to start businesses and own property in Chicago?

Wants to launch a public bank just for Chicago

What have been the obstacles for her as Chicago’s potential first black female mayor?

People her credentials and experience

It’s hard being a public servant because it’s not lucrative - makes her relatable

What’s her stance on gun laws in Chicago?

Some people carrying weapons just because they feel unsafe

Does her psychology degree make her more empathetic to people’s offenses?

I live in the second most violent community but it’s also a beautiful community**

It’s hard when you can’t connect to the people you want to govern

What are her views on marijuana and drug use?

Wants people to focus on being entrepreneurs in legalization rather than users

Wants to move towards expungement

What does she think about the term 'ChIraq'?

The labels feel like personal attacks

Does she like 'The Chi' show?

She was purposely left off of a televised debate — Why should people vote her?

“We are people powered”

Is she cool with any of the other candidates?

Encourage people to vote

30 is the divine number

Watch the full interview below:

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