Yo Gotti, The CMG mogul dropped another Street Classic. Gotti never stops working he always trying to grow more as an artist. He always brings that Real Street wisdom. He always drops his wisdom that he's learned over the many years he's been in the rap game. Gotti always keeps it 100 with his music that's why he's been around for so long he's REAL.

Best songs on the album are Back Gate, Brown Bag, Different, Yellow Tape, 2908, One on One. Different is about you are when you're in that street life and how you always gotta watch your back and just because you have lots of money doesn't mean you're safe if you've got a heart then you'll make it. 2908 is about Gotti going back to when he was selling drugs in the projects in his apartment and how far he's come since then. Gotti's longevity goes to show that anybody can make it out the projects and make it to the top if they put their mind to it and grind until you make it to the top of the mountain.

This album is one of his best by far his flow his wordplay the production on this album is A-1 as always. Gotti always heats up the streets whenever he comes out with a new album. He never forgets where he came from he always goes back to North Memphis and helps his community out a lot Gotti is a Real Good Dude

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