Ok so Action Bronson, does it all he's got a TV Show, podcast and most importantly he's one of the best rappers in the game right now and has been for a minute.

Action Bronson came out with his new album, and man oh man he absolutely knocked it way out the park from the production the lyrics the wordplay it were all on-point.

Action is definitely one of the best in the game I loved that he didn't have of features on his album because he doesn't need it because he's so dope. His flow is just so silky smooth and so refreshing his wordplay is just so iLL.

Really love his bravado that he has he's so brash and very raw love that about his raps. He's got some major punch-lines on this new album of his which is a piece of art by the way.

This is a definite contender for rap album of the year for sure can't say I didn't tell you so this man is a words smith at the end of the day. Action Bronson will be in the 518 at Upstate Concert Hall listen to Hot 991 to win your tickets.

This album reminds me that Real Hip-Hop is alive and striving this is uncut raw hip-hop this why we all love this music so much is because of MCs like Action!!!!!

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