The Strange Crew is back at it once again. They never stop working man they just keep making the DOPEST Independent Hip-Hop on the planet.

Tech 9 isalways a force to be reckoned with that's without question. Tech & The Crew never stop coming up with the most interesting Lyrics you've heard. Strange Music always puts out only the sickest music ever.

Every artist on Strange is super dope in their own way. I got a chance to see them live 2 years ago not all the members but half of them and it was one of the best concerts of my LIFE.

They bring the utmost Energy in all of their music. They have so much passion in their rhymes & lyrics,. The way they go about doing their music is so creative whenever you hear any Strange Music Artist's album it's so different from the rest of the pack you can really tell they put in a lot of work with their craft.

This album is full of dope track after dope track and they all have a real meaning to it. Best songs on this album are Let Go, Is You The police?, Come Down, Dangerous.

This album by far is for sure one of the best albums of the year hands down. There only gonna keep getting better & better in the coming years.

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