So, the streets just got a lot hotter with Gates new album. He always keeps it all the one hundred with his music. He never forgets where he comes from and it shows a whole lot in his music. Gates is one of the most real dudes in the game his street lyricism is always on-point.

When you hear this album you feel like you going thru the trap on the south side of Baton Rouge this album slaps super hard. His wife put this album together which is really dope since he is still incarcerated. He needs to be let out of prison because the rap game isn't the same without Gates spitting his raw uncut street wisdom.

Gates always been a real one and he always been on his grind from the very start. Basically, nothing stops this man no matter what obstacles life throws at him he still putting out quality street rap real street rap from behind bars now that's real right there.

I love his swagger his bravado that he has in his raps like he knows that the world doesn't want him to be on top and guess what that doesn't stop him one bit at all Y'all need to check his new album out this is raw uncut and as Real as ever as only Kevin can deliver Real because he's a real one.

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