Albany's not exactly the first city you think of when it comes to hauntings, hocus pocus and urban legends. But we do have a few legends around the Capital Region you should try not to think about when you're driving up and down the Northway (or when you're trying to fall asleep at night).


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    Welcome to 'Allen Town'

    You want to go where everybody knows your name, right? What if everybody shared your name? According to one Albany Redditor, there is such a town, dubbed "Allen Town," just north of Saratoga. Everyone is named Allen and apparently no one is warm and fuzzy to outsiders.

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    Bleeding Statues in Troy Cemetery

    Rumor has it that the statues in Troy's Forest Park Cemetery bleed from the hands. The cemetery has been a site of speculated hauntings in and of itself. But this bleeding stuff brings the cemetary's creepy factor to another level. "Urban legends tell of a decapitated statue that bleeds out of its neck (although some say this is a result of a particular type of moss)," according to "Because of unsafe structures, the land is not open to the public, and trespassers will be prosecuted." So scary!

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    The Vortex of Lake George

    Is the vortex of Lake George a real thing? The people in this video think so.

    "It will sound as if you've gone into a cone, and there will be a cone of silence," one man said in the video. People who were in this "cone" started to show some weird behavior in the video, including singing out of tune.

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    How Cohoes Got Its Name

    OK, this one is a little gruesome, but based on translation of this story, Cohoes' name originated at Cohoes Falls where a young Indian maiden who was hard at work stopped to rest in her canoe. Sometime while she was asleep, the canoe came loose and drifted toward the Falls' rapids, and despite her screams, she died in the accident. The people of her tribe mourned her loss and called the place "Cono," which means "the place of the falling canoe."

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    Saratoga County's Haunted Sanitarium

    You may call this a suburban legend, but some say the Saratoga County Homestead Sanitarium is haunted by its former patients. The Homestead opened in 1914 as a tuberculosis hospital. Trespassing is not allowed, so don't even try to see if it's haunted for yourself, but if you need convincing, check out these eerie photos.