An Albany man was not pleased with the service he received at a car dealership, so he took his frustration out in a very unique way, and got himself into a lot of trouble.

According to News 10, On Thursday, 53-year old Richard Reed, of Albany, allegedly became involved in a dispute at the DePaula Auto Group dealership on Central Avenue in Colonie and ended up being arrested.

According to police, Mr. Reed became involved in a dispute with one of the employees at the dealership around 10:00 a.m. last Thursday.  Witnesses say that Mr. Reed became involved in a confrontation over a car he purchased from the dealership last year.

Police were told that Mr. Reed was unable to communicate his complaint clearly.  He then became frustrated and walked out of the dealership.  Mr. Reed proceeded to get into his car and then he drove his car into the building.

Police believe that Mr. Reed did not accidentally run the car into the dealership, he did so intentionally.

One of the salesmen attempted to prevent himself from being injured by diving out of the way, but he was unable to do so.  He was pinned beneath the vehicle and sustained an injury to his lower leg. The injured victim has not been named.

At that point, the police did not believe that Mr. Reed was mentally stable.  He was taken into custody and transported to the Albany Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.

On Monday Mr. Reed was arrested and taken into custody from his home.  He has been charged with:

   *Second-Degree Assault

   *Second-Degree Criminal          Mischief

   *First-Degree Reckless Endangerment

Mr. Reed could be sentenced to 21 years in prison if he is convicted of all three charges. What point did he think he was going to make by getting arrested?

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