Albany County Executive, Dan McCoy, had to depend on his previous planning and his creativity to submit his 2021 budget.

County Executive Dan McCoy submitted his 2021 budget yesterday without laying off anyone and without increasing property taxes for the residents of Albany County.

We all know that we are living through trying times, both personally and collectively. The local government is trying to continue to provide services for residents with no help from the federal government. Yesterday, the county executive submitted a $719 million budget for approval. He says that in the budget the average $150,000 home will save the owner about one dollar on their tax bill. Although they are saving only one dollar, most people appreciate the fact that their taxes will not be increased, so that’s a big deal.

So far job security with Albany County seems to be pretty secure also. Mr. McCoy says that he’s trying to keep his budget balanced without any layoffs or cuts to programs. Instead of laying employees off, the County has instead offered a $15,000 severance package if employees elect to separate from the Albany County government for three years. At least 100 employees have already applied for the severance program.

Prior planning was the final piece used to make a budget that would work. Mr. McCoy says that he was putting money aside for a rainy day, without actually knowing what the rainy day would be. The rainy day is here and Mr. McCoy will be using $8 million from the county's rainy day fund to make the budget work.

The 2021 budget has been submitted, hopefully, this will get us through the COVID-19 crisis with a little help from our federal government. While everyone focuses on the Presidential election it's good to see local politicians are making good fiscal decisions.

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