Have you ever wanted to raise your own live stock in your back yard? Me either, but apparently there are some people in Albany who have been wanting to their own small farm in the backyard. Albany's Common Council wanted to right this wrong. I seriously don't understand why this was illegal in the first place. According to Times Union.

The Common Council passed an ordinance Monday night that will allow residents to keep chickens in their backyard.

"I believe passing this type of legislation sends a clear message about the type of Albany we want to become," said Owusu Anane, a council member who represents the 10th Ward. "Do we want to become a city that rejects bold ideas and initiatives because it makes a few people uncomfortable, or do we want to become a city that tries new things and is on the forefront of progress?"

I have to do the research on this law when was it actually enacted and why? Do you think this is important legislation for Albany County? I really don't care either way, I got rid of all the chickens in my life years ago, but its amazing the issues politicians decide to take on.

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