For those times you want to enjoy a delicious steak dinner without having to prepare it yourself ...

Whether you're a craving steak and a baked potato, a bloomin' onion, or some shrimp on the barbie Outback Steakhouse is now delivering in the Capital Region from both their Albany and Clifton Parks locations.

Actually, the Albany Outback location has been offering delivery for the last couple of months while Clifton Park just began their service last week.

The new service goes directly through the restaurant instead having to use a 3rd party delivery service such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, or Door Dash. So for just a $4.99 delivery fee an actual Outback employee will show up at your door with your dinner. Delivery is based on a time radius as opposed to a mile radius and is available from 4pm until 30 minutes before closing daily.

The Clifton Park location just utilized their new service over the weekend to deliver to the Highway Complex in Clifton Park who were putting in work to keep the roads clear for everyone during winter storm Harper!

Stacy Carr
Stacy Carr

Whether you are stuck at work, working late, or just want a good meal that you don't have to slave over to prepare yourself cut out the middle man because you can now get your steak, chicken, and seafood delivered right to your door. To find out if delivery is available to your location you can click here.


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