Guess what, kids! No longer do you have to be serving hard time or have been sold into slavery in order to experience the exhilaratingly restricted feeling of wearing a shackle chained to your ankle. Adidas is now bringing the restraints to you in the form of their new ‘Handcuff’ shoe.

No kidding. Adidas Originals teamed up with designer Jeremy Scott, whom they’ve worked on different models in the past, to come up with something fresh in the shoe market. Scott has a tendency to design on the side of eccentricity (check out his ‘Gorilla shoes’), but we don’t think anyone expected what he came up with. The shoe, called the ‘Handcuff,’ has a plastic yellow chain and shackle attached at the heel, which appears to be designed to go around the wearer’s ankle.

You may ask yourself, or your pet gerbil or whoever else is in the room with you, “Why would Adidas try to sell a shoe with a shackle and chain attached to it?” You can ask the question, but you aren’t likely to get an answer. All we know is they must have liked Scott’s outlandish design, because they made it. The better question is, “How does Adidas think it’s going to market a shoe with a shackle and chain attached to it?” The answer to this may be taught in marketing classes for years to come, because we can’t think of a non-offensive way to do it, and we can’t imagine the typical market for this kind of shoe being interested in purchasing a shackle and all the connotations that come with it.

The only upside we can see to the ‘Handcuff’ shackle shoe is that now, not only will your shoes be tied on, or for those who prefer to leave them untied with the tongues out, they will also be attached to you at the ankles, guaranteeing they won’t fly off if you’re ever in some sort of, let’s say, police chase. This may also reduce the number of pairs of shoes you see randomly hanging from electrical wires, as they are more likely to just stay on your feet.

If you’re interested, the ‘Handcuff’ should hits stores in August and you can experience the bondage for $350.

What do you think? Is the shoe design offensive? Would you buy them? Would you wear them?

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