50 Cent may be looking to make some quick cash, as he lowered the price of his million-dollar mansion -- again.

The 17-acre property in Farmington, CT was originally listed at $18.5 million, but, in the latest price listing, the mansion was priced at under $6 million.

It's pretty sweet digs for anyone who has $5.995 million laying around though. The 50,000 square-foot mansion has 25 bathrooms, an indoor pool and hot tub, a nightclub, several game rooms, a full gym, a recording studio, a home theater, a pool, a grotto, a basketball court, guesthouses and an approved helicopter landing. Not bad at all, especially considering its previous owner is Mike Tyson.

Fiddy filed for bankruptcy last year but many think it was a petty move on his part to not pay up in a lawsuit he lost. Since the bankruptcy declaration though,  he's been flossing stacks of cash and expensive merchandise on Instagram. But when he was called into court to explain it, his lawyer stated that it was fake money.

"Hip-hop culture is aspirational,” said Patrick Neligan, one of the mogul's bankruptcy attorneys. “[Many of 50 Cent’s fans] come from poverty. They want their favorite rapper to be rich. Money is important."

With this latest move, maybe Fifty is hurting for cash -- or at least it seems like he is.

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