Azealia Banks is back at it again with the social screeds, penning and then deleting an Instagram post in which she goes all the way on President Obama and his response to police killings and issues facing the Black American community. "I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND that you will be KILLED by the white supremacy if you stand on the side of black people but saying shit like this is making it worse," she wrote in response to comments Obama made condemning violence against law enforcement.

Banks continued, calling out the President for enacting legislation for other minority groups but failing to life "a single finger to do shit for us." "I DONT WANT A LEADER WHO IS AFRAID TO DIE, I WANT A LEADER WHO ISNT AFRAID TO KILL FOR WHAT HE BELIEVES IN. AND YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT BELIEVE IN SHIT," she wrote.

For somebody who has publicly endorsed Donald Trump, Azealia seems to be taking a very strong anti-police stance here, one that certainly does not coincide with the Republican nominee's platform or that of the GOP at large. Read the full contents of her statement up above, with her apology in May for taking things too far holding less water now.

Earlier this month, Banks spoke to her fans via Facebook Live to explain her decision to lighten her skin tone, saying, "As a black person in this world you assimilate. There are things you accept. This has become the norm because it’s happening all the time."

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