As much as Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book is a gospel-inspired look at what lies above and beyond, so too was it an opportunity for Chance to shake his head and fist at industry and label conventions. On "Finish Line," he raps, "I've been getting blocked just trying to make songs with friends / Labels told me to my face that they own my friends." With that in mind, an unreleased track from the Coloring Book sessions that was either cut or blocked or both called "Living Single" featuring Big Sean, Jeremih and Smino hit the web on Tuesday (July 19).

Produced by Cam O’bi, the track gels with the laid-back cool breeze feel of Coloring Book, with Sean kicking things off with a bit of reflection, rapping, "I know what it feel like to be young and single / You know the life when your pockets got a bunch of singles / You know taking double shots saying 'fuck a single' / You know hardly getting sleep but it’s the fuckin' dream though / I know what it feel like to think you found the one / Told mom that so many times I’m sounding dumb."

With the year a little more than halfway through, Chance has asserted his position among rap's most sought-after voices, with ESPN even tapping the young Chicagoan for their Muhammad Ali tribute at this month's ESPYs. The moving ode came complete with an original Chance song and demonstrated his ability to perform with gravitas and transcend arenas. Listen to "Living Single" up above.

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