For a guy who rarely puts a foot wrong, 50 Cent suffered a bit of an embarrassment earlier this week. The Queens rapper had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game on Tuesday (May 27), only it was the worst throw you'll ever see. No, seriously -- just look at this chart.

However, Fiddy was conveniently captured on camera throwing strikes in the warm up session before taking the field, leading to suggestions that he deliberately messed up the pitch in an effort to promote his upcoming album, 'Animal Ambition,' which drops next week. Desperate? Yes. Improbable? Not when it comes Curtis Jackson.

Well, the former G-Unit general appeared on 'Good Morning America' this morning to address his horrific opening pitch. "Oh no, no. It slipped, it slipped out of my hand," he protested (with a wry smile no less) when asked if it was intentional. He then joked that it was Curtis, not 50 Cent, who threw the pitch.

Reveling in his embarrassment, 50 also revealed that he was pulled over by a cop this week, who told him just how bad his pitch was. "He pulled me over, I said, 'I got my license, right,' because I was a little nervous. I was like, 'what I do?' And then he said, 'you know that pitch was terrible?'"

Following his interview, 50 took the stage at Central Park for 'Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series to perform early hits like 'In Da Club' and 'Just a Lil Bit,' as well as new material including 'Smoke' with Trey Songz and 'Winners Circle' with Joe. Watch it above.

[via Mr. World Premiere]