Gun violence continues to ravish communities in Albany as our violence summer continues. This summer has been unique in many ways, including an extreme increase in people being shot throughout the region.

According to News 10, four people were shot on Saturday night, and unfortunately, one of those victims did not survive his injuries.

Police have identified 18-year-old Quaveone Mayo, of Albany, as the latest homicide victim.  A vehicle was seen driving around the neighborhood of Quail Street for about an hour before the gun violence erupted.  According to police, a group of subjects in a car opened fire and a group of individuals standing on Quail Street.  Police believe that at least 25 rounds were shot from the vehicle.

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins said, “This is another example of young men not resolving conflict in peaceful, non-violent ways.  From what we understand this is some conflict between some groups of individuals. We don’t know exactly what the source of this conflict is, but we know that some groups are feuding, and we’ve been saying this consistently.  Our young men and women in our community have to resolve the conflict in non-violent, peaceful ways.”

Chief Hawkins says that his department has good leads in reference to suspect information as well as the vehicle used in this incident.

All four victims were taken to the Albany Medical Center for treatment.  The three remaining victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

This incident is still under investigation and police are asking anyone with information to call the Albany Police Detective Division at (518) 462–8039.  They also note that callers can remain anonymous

It’s very sad that the younger generation believes that conflicts should be handled in a violent way. This just isn’t right!  If we want to continue to thrive as a community, everyone must take part.  We can’t go around killing each other, and expect our community to flourish.  We have enough negative forces working against us, we have to work together to continue to exist.

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