2 Chainz has had an incredible year, and he's making sure he doesn't end things on a quiet note. The Atlanta rapper just dropped some brand new visuals for fans, and this time, he's getting into cartoon mode. Chainz released the music video for his track "Diamonds Talkin Back," where he has to fight off some bad guys in order to protect his jewelry, and his love interest.

The MC rhymes on the song, “Ill advised, got the Rollie winterized/When I die bury me beside the Cuban links/2 Chainz, a lot of Z’s cause you ni**as sleep/Pinky ring ping, index finger ping, middle finger ping/Whole lot of rings, whole lot of watches/Watchband ostrich, neck, wrist, faucets/Chain show ’em options."

It's clear that Tity Boi doesn't play when it comes to his jewels and gems. The rapper is currently gearing up for the holiday season, as he is set to re-release his line of ugly Christmas sweaters, which were a huge fan favorite last year. The best part about the line is that the proceeds from the sales are donated to those who are in need.

Chainz told the press about his line, “This year, the mission is simple – to help as many people as we possibly can,” 2 Chainz said in his mission statement. I want you, my fans, to submit stories about people you know that are in need. Whether it’s a neighbor, friend or a complete stranger, if you know they are need, please tell us their story.”

Check out the new visuals for "Diamonds Talkin Back" above, and purchase your ugly Christmas sweater here.


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