One-time couple Drake and Rihanna cuddle up in his new video for ‘Take Care,’ the title track from his latest and greatest. Drizzy and RiRi certainly look the part of their once and former status. It’s stark and simple video, featuring two of the hottest pop stars around embracing tenderly, while the camera then pans through images of snow-covered mountains, raging fires, exotic-looking birds, swimming fish and angry, snorting bulls. It intimates that love and attraction can be natural,  primal and animalistic.

In the scenes where Drake is solo and rapping, he’s intently expressive with his hands and looks like there is a lot weighing on his mind. When on her own, RiRi is equally contemplative, averts her gaze and folds her hands as thought she were praying. She’s sultry in her off-the-shoulder sweater and that shaggy blonde cut she had been rocking for the past few months.

When they come together for simple embraces, with her leaning into his chest and him giving her a peck on the top of the head, their genuine affection is electrifying. If this video doesn’t spark “Are they or aren’t they rumors,” nothing else will.

It ends with a scene of smoldering ash. It’s what’s implied that makes the ‘Take Care’ video compelling.

Watch Drake + Rihanna ‘Take Care’ Video

Drake ~ Take Care Feat. Rihanna from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.