People are always raving about how the 518 lacks this and dose not have that, and could change this or do that differently but fail to realize there is a lot of positive people and positive things that do go on right before there eyes. This Saturday from 11am to 3pm stop by the Boys and Girls club in Albany on Delaware ave for the Albany Police Departments first annual community basket ball tournament. One thing that has come to be much of a concern is the tension between the inner city communities and the police, now I cant speak for everyone but to say all cops are bad cops is kinda senseless because there are a few good cops on the Albany police force that genuinely want to help and make a positive change in the 518 and mend the tension between the inner city and police. Today is all about the 518 and how great we can be if we come together and support each other. There is a lot going on at The Boys and Girls Club from face painting to raffles and giveaways to getting your child's id done and watching some basketball. Stop by for some early afternoon fun.

bball tourney

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