From serving as the face of Forever 21's 2013 summer collection to her 'I Know What You Want' video, there's no denying Cassie's sex appeal. And even though the little lady with the shaved head is Diddy's significant other, this doesn't mean she's shy about showing off her assets.

Cassie shares intimate and risque moments with her fans through Instagram -- her most sultry photo shoots and (many) times on the beach are well-documented. With so much sexiness oozing out of her, we learned a few things from the model-turned-singer's account -- she loves wearing bikinis, the more attention to her breasts the better and despite all of the images showcasing lots of skin, she also shows love to her friends and family.

While that's cute, we here at The Boombox are interested in some eye candy. Here's 10 Hottest Instagram Photos of Cassie.

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