Apparently the crime of admiring a woman who’s in a relationship is punishable by death. A 48-year-old man in Oklahoma City was murdered for posting a harmless comment on a woman’s picture.


The man, Edmond Tyree, left a comment, “DAMM,” on 21-year-old Sharda Perkins’s photo. In the pic, posted in June, Perkins is posing in a revealing, one-piece bathing suit with the sides cut out.

The woman’s 20-year-old boyfriend, Antwon Martin, wasn’t amused by the comment. He even commented back at the man.  Martin tracked down Tyree, shot and killed him. How Tyree and Perkins knew each other wasn’t revealed.

Oklahoma County police connected the dots and arrested Martin, who is being charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. The county’s District Attorney summed up the situation appropriately, saying “This is a perfect example of some of the ridiculous reasons people kill for.”