Weird News

A NY Man Went For A Slim Jim, Won $10 Million Instead
But seriously, this is now one huge reason why dogs are “man’s best friend”!
A man from Fort Edward, NY - less than an hour from the Capital Region- went into a store to buy a Slim Jim for his dog.  He left over six million dollars richer...
Arrests Made After People Climbed An Albany Landmark
But why would grown adults even want to do this?!
According to News 10 abc, four people were arrested for climbing to the top of a Capital Region landmark.  Two of the four people were charged with criminal trespassing, while two others decided to spray paint some graffiti...
National Fresh Breath Day August 6th
I'm pretty sure by now you know that almost every day out the year is some sort of national holiday. Who would have thought there would be a national "Peanut Butter Day", national "Selfie Day", to national "Hug Day." Well believe it or …

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