There's no doubt that DJ Khaled is the best at a number of things, among them, harnessing the power of Snapchat to further expand his global brand. It was with good reason then that Jimmy Kimmel enlisted Khaled to coach him on the ways on the snap.

While Khaled has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and ABC's Nightline in recent weeks, his time with Kimmel is less interview and more of an opportunity for Khaled to expound upon his many life keys. He and Kimmel ride in a limousine purchasing candy from fans on the street, and post up in Khaled's bungalow to share a major sneaker alert with the world.

Khaled's quotables are many here with Kimmel remarking at how many keys there truly are. "You gotta know when do to certain things and know when not to do certain things," Khaled says of avoiding playing oneself, and later he notes "We just being us, having fun, but we captured it," explaining his Snapchat secret.

After witnessing Khaled's own Listerine mouthwash and Cinnamon Toast Crunch candle, Kimmel says, "I came here to learn about snapchat, but you’ve taught me a lot about life. You taught me about cocoa butter, candles even, and I thank you for that." The world shares in Kimmel's thanks as Khaled continues to spread positive energy through social media and media clips like the one featured above.

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