What National Day Is It?
Remember when you were in grade school or highschool and we had spritit week and each day was a different theme or day. Well now you dont have to be in school to participate on a theme filled day you can just look it up on google calendar  and see what weird fun day it is...
Eminem Look Alike Arrested For Trespassing
A picture of trespassing suspect went viral when the suspect had a striking resemblance to Slim Shady. When the Rochester NH police department posted the picture of the suspect, the internet went crazy. According to NME, this is how it all went down...
Join Hot 991 At The Hispanic Heritage Celebration
Join us for the Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Saturday, September 22nd in the Empire State Plaza Convention Center from 6 to 10 pm.
Kick off Hispanic Heritage Month :

Activities celebrating Latin culture
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