Young Thug is having a rough end to his 2016, and now his pockets could take a hit.

The Atlanta rapper is reportedly facing a lawsuit from a limo service company, which claims that he owes them $18,676 that he never paid. Even though Thugger and his entire crew were chauffeured around all summer long by Hollywood Stars Limousines, he apparently racked up a hefty bill with the company.

According to TMZ, the company says that they drove the rapper around throughout the summer season at least 11 times, and since then, they claim they have given him plenty of time to pay off the bill. The company is now suing Thugger for the full $18,676, and it seems like they're asking for a pretty peaceful lawsuit with the rapper. This hardly the first controversial scenario for Young Thug this year as the Georgia native was arrested last week when he was spotted at an Atlanta mall after a cop remembered he missed a court date for his tinted windows.

He was later released from jail on a $500 bond, and claimed in a now-deleted Instagram post that he was "bigger than the law." On top of his arrest, last month, Thugger outraged the Internet after posting a video of himself harassing airport TSA about their jobs and offering them $10,000 each to quit on the spot. He's since apologized but it seems as though karma is catching him.

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