Recently, Young Chop made the comment that Meek Mill was a scary guy, and not long afterward, Meek fired back.

On Tuesday (March 24), the Chicago producer appeared on Instagram Live along with Gillie Da Kid. During their conversation, Chop rehashes a studio session he went to with Meek. According to Chop, he had tried to get the Championships rapper to make a song with Polo G before Polo blew up. For whatever reason, the collaboration didn't happen. This encounter, at least in part, appeared to lead Chop to think that Meek was shook in certain situations.

In response, Gillie did his best to question Chop and defend his fellow Philadelphia rapper but that only led Chop to double down. "Listen all I'm saying is you can talk about whoever the fuck you want, you ain't talking about Meek Mill and his niggas on here. They ain't no scary niggas man," Gillie says in the clip.

"I ain't said his niggas. I said him," Chop replies. After Gillie implores Chop to take it back, Chop appeared to oblige—kind of. "Let me straighten it out...Meek ain't scary," Chop said while rolling his eyes. Clearly, though it was too little too late.

Today, Meek responded to Chop with a tweet. "It’s obvious chop having some mental issues," Meek tweeted. "Y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Chop continues by naming other rappers he believes are "scary," listing Cassidy, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne and French Montana.

Watch Gillie's full exchange with Young Chop about the producer's thoughts about Meek Mill below. The Meek part comes up at the four-minute mark.

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