If you're feeling a little pressure to impress this Valentine's Day, let us lend you a hand. Here are some things you DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BUY. So just cross those right off your list of gift ideas.

This is just a smattering of examples from a very thorough list compiled by our friends at Huffington Post. To ensure that you aren't accidentally buying the worst gift ever, check out the whole list right here.

  • 1

    Sexy Cupid Costume

    Huffington Post

    Like buying lingerie, only less sexy. Also, it comes with a weapon.

  • 2

    "Romantic" Hot Water Bottle

    Huffington Post

    Congrats -- you just admitted a hot water bottle is better in the sack than you are.

  • 3

    Human/Skeleton Love Statue

    Huffington Post

    Surprisingly, our main concern is who has space for this sort of thing in their apartment.

  • 4

    A T-Shirt

    Huffington Post

    If you buy this for your husband, you're advertising your insecurity. If you buy this for yourself, you probably should have bought your wife a gift instead.